Best Customer Retention Management Software in 2021

In today’s competitive business world, managing customer relationships has never been more critical. With an abundance of options at their fingertips, keeping your customers satisfied and loyal is paramount. To help you with that monumental task, let’s dive into 15 of the best Customer Retention Management (CRM) software solutions available today. These powerful tools can help you enhance your customer service, improve employee retention and ultimately boost your bottom-line.

1. HubSpot Customer Service Software

When we talk about CRM software solutions, it’s hard to ignore the sheer versatility and efficiency of HubSpot’s Customer Service Software. Known for its user-friendly interface and in-depth analytics, HubSpot bridges the gap between sales and customer service, creating a seamless customer experience. It ensures consistent communication across all touchpoints and fosters a loyalty business model. Furthermore, its ‘chatbot’ feature enables round-the-clock assistance, ensuring immediate response to customer queries.

2. Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM stands out in the crowd due to its strategic management framework and robust AI features. It adapts well to both B2B and B2C business models, making it versatile for different industries. Among its strong feature-rich offerings is the blueprints feature which provides improved sales processes needed to foster positive customer satisfaction and optimal employee retention.

3. Salesforce Service Cloud

Salesforce Service Cloud, a leading name in CRM software, offers cutting-edge technology options such as cloud computing and mobile app functionality. Further enhancing its appeal is a powerful dashboard that displays real-time data on key performance indicators such as net promoter score, churn rate, and customer attrition. The Euclid Analytics feature helps marketers gain a holistic view of shopping behavior trends.

4. Intercom Customer Engagement Platform

Intercom’s Customer Engagement Platform is renowned for its innovative approach towards customer retention management. With an integrated set of tools, it allows businesses to create personalized conversational experiences, with services like targeted onboarding and customer engagement campaigns to deliver enhanced customer success.

5. Zendesk Support Suite

The Zendesk Support Suite provides businesses a unified solution for all their customer service needs. It offers attributes like omnichannel support, which enables businesses to connect with customers across multiple channels such as email, chat, phone, and even social media platforms. Adding to its appeal is the ability to integrate with other Zendesk products or third-party applications.

6. Qualtrics Customer Experience Management

Qualtrics Customer Experience Management is a versatile platform that harnesses the power of AI and predictive intelligence to offer critical insights into customer behavior. It utilizes features like self-service resources and personalization tactics to ensure customer satisfaction and promote long-term loyalty.

7. Pipedrive CRM Software

Pipedrive CRM Software is another robust entrant in the CRM space. This sales-driven platform shines with features including AI-powered sales assistants and automation capabilities reducing time-consuming tasks while delivering high-quality customer service. Its strong lead management capabilities are its high points and aid in effective business intelligence.

8. Freshdesk Customer Support Software

Friction-less customer service is the banner-quality of Freshdesk Customer Support Software. Developed by Freshworks, this platform enables businesses to centralize all their customer conversations, ensuring no query goes unnoticed. It offers capabilities spanning from automation tools to advanced analytics ensuring a comprehensive customer-centric approach.

9. Kustomer CRM Platform

Kustomer CRM Platform aims for nothing less than astounding customer experiences. The software provides an extensive 360-degree view of customers’ historical activities, consolidates information from different touchpoints onto a single screen, thus streamlining the customer’s journey and boosting their satisfaction levels.

10. ActiveCampaign Customer Experience Automation

ActiveCampaign Customer Experience Automation secures a spot in this list for its automation abilities. This powerful feature auto-sends personalized messages to customers based on their interactions with your company. Added to that are predictive content and smart sending features wrapped up in an easy-to-use interface designed to keep customers hooked to your brand for longer.

11. Influitive Advocacy and Experience Software

Having strong customer advocates is crucial to the success of any business. This is where Influitive Advocacy and Experience Platform shines. This particular software uses gamification, challenges, and rewards to heighten customer engagement levels. It encourages clients to become brand advocates, not simply loyal customers. They’re more likely to actively promote your products or services through their own social networks, creating a robust source of referrals.

Moreover, Influitive features an array of tools that help in creating engaging content and experiences for your customers. With AI-driven analytics at your disposal, tracking customer engagement and retention become easy. It simplifies the process of identifying areas for improvement in both customer success and service pavement of the way for improved Net Promoter Score (NPS).

12. Keap CRM and Marketing Automation

A comprehensive solution like Keap does not only excel in managing customer relationships, but it leads the pack in marketing automation too. The platform proudly hosts a slew of useful features such as contact management, email marketing campaigns, sales pipelines, and customizable reports.

It centralizes data from various touchpoints ensuring that you have a unified picture of your customer’s journey. Thereby this enables businesses to make strategic management decisions based on accurate, real-time information about their customers’ interactions with their brand. As important as attracting new leads is, it also places emphasis on nurturing existing relationships leading to higher employee retention rates.

13. Streak CRM for Gmail

In times where Cloud computing is dominating the Information Technology landscape, solutions like Streak CRM simplifies Customer Relationship Management by integrating directly with Gmail. Perfectly suitable for small-scale operations or users who favor simplicity over complexity.

Beside basic features like email tracking, Streak also allows planning and monitoring of customer-centric campaigns right from your mailbox. The super helpful email view lets you instantly see all past interactions pertaining to each specific customer. By operating right within Gmail, it inherently reduces friction in your workflow.

14. Infusionsoft by Keap

Meet Infusionsoft- the big brother of Keap with even more robust set of features. It is designed for small businesses that require a mix of CRM, sales, and marketing automation tools. Boasting an array of performance-enhancing features such as advanced segmentation, automated follow-ups, and detailed business intelligence reports just to list a few.

The software additionally includes e-commerce features for managing inventory, fulfilling orders, and billing processes. The icing on the top is its capability to automate repetitive tasks seamlessly which saves time for the users to concentrate on more strategic areas.

15. Insightly Customer Relationship Manager

If heavy customization without curtailing a user-friendly approach is what you yearn for; Insightly makes for a great choice. This particular CRM system provides tools for project management, Business Intelligence (BI), contact management and quote generation integrating neatly into various email platforms including Gmail and Outlook.

You can manage emails, leads, get analytical insights and sync tasks all under one roof. Although primarily intended for small firms it can handle larger workloads as well making charting sales pipelines as smooth as butter. Mobile app versions are available ensuring that accessing customer details or tracking sales progress becomes convenient on-the-go.

Conclusion – Customizing Your Customer Retention

In conclusion, choosing the best customer retention management software boils down to identifying your business needs and examining how a system’s offering fits into your unique requirements. Whether you’re a small business aiming to nurture customer relationships more effectively or a larger organization wanting to tap into robust analytics and automation tools, the options outlined above pave the way for business growth. The balance between attracting new customers while retaining the existing ones is a pinnacle of success, always remember customer retention is equally valuable as customer acquisition if not more.

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